Month: July 2014

Piyo Results Day 1 to Day 30

PiYo Before and After results Day 1 to 30

PiYo Before and After Results  at Day 30

It has been a month since I started the PiYo workout and diet and I am very happy with my results. I have 30 more days to go before the official before and after but I wanted to share what I have accomplished so far. I used to shy away from sharing anything personal like this and would be sad about the way I looked. But, I have found new confidence that I am making changes in my health and the way I look so I shouldn’t be afraid to show these photos. I hope that they help someone else get started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

Day 1 to Day 30 Side view

Piyo Workout results

Day 1 to 30 Back view
Piyo Workout results

As you can see their are definitely changes made! How exciting! This is the longest I have stayed with a workout program consistently and not been bored. My core is so much stronger than it was even before I was pregnant. PiYo is definitely the workout to use for building core strength.  My overall changes in measurements are:

Waist 46 1/2″ to 39″
Chest 45″ to 44″
Arms: no change but more muscle now
Left Thigh: 29″ to 24″
Right Thigh 28″ to 24″
Weight 228   Total weight loss 6 pounds

I have added a contact me on my page if anyone wants more information on PiYo or fitness. And of course anything on motherhood and new babies. I look forward to getting to know more people through this blog. I will be adding more about the PiYo diet and eventually my Day 60 results. Stay Tuned!

Are you looking for someone to help you stay motivated while completing your Piyo workouts? Already have a copy but need extra motivation? Feel free to send me a message.

Interested in purchasing a copy of either program? Let me know if you need further help picking a program.

Piyo workouts


American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro

This video of Kacy Catanzaro completing the finals course for American Ninja Warrior is so inspirational. This makes me want to push harder and achieve any goals I set for myself. Enjoy!

Baby essentials

As our son approaches 6 months I thought it would be fun to post the items we have used the most. These are the items that have gotten us through the first few days to where we are now.

My Little Lamb Swing-Fisher Price
My Little Lamb Cradle n Swing
We really used this swing daily until about 4 months old. After that our son was too long for it. But, it helped so much in the beginning it was worth it! The first few weeks when you are so tired and need a break this got us through so I highly recommend a nice swing. Plus it runs on plug in power and not batteries.

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Bassinet

 A great starter set because the Bassinet was the perfect height next to our bed and the playard is a great size for when he can use it soon for play time. Also, the Bassinet cover was washed a few times when he was little and it kept its shape and form well.

Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing Elepaloo
Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing - Elepaloo - Comfort & Harmony  - Babies"R"Us
Our next swing we purchased and this one is the best. I take it with me to work and on the road for trips. It runs on 4 C batteries and I have yet to replace them in the 3 months we have had it. It works well for bottle feeding and playtime. It is low to the ground but it works well in our living room because it doesn’t take up too much space.

Graco Pack n Play on the Go

 Graco Pack 'n Play On The Go Travel Play Yard - Zoofari - Graco  - Babies"R"Us

This pack and play is smaller and worked well when we took trips in the beginning. Our son has outgrown the bassinet portion but we will take this with us when we go on trips for play time. It folds up much smaller than a large pack and play.

Kiinde feeding system

This feeding system is one of my favorite finds as a new mom. When I researched what to put pumped milk into I read so many reviews about other bags leaking or no sealing well. These bags twist closed and store and travel well. You can then use their bottle system and feed from the bag easily too.  Once your baby gets older the bags can be used for baby food and they have a spoon attachment. Also, you can pump directly into the bag which is great. They can get expensive but usually they have 50% off sales or buy one get one free so you can stock up.

These are my favorite baby must haves. I will try and post toys in an upcoming post. Enjoy!

Bad day?! No way!

Well, my Tuesday has tried to turn into a Monday. I have forgotten just about everything I possibly need today. From my cell phone to parts for my breast pump they somehow all managed to stay at home. I also noticed my scrub pants had a hole in them this morning and I had to wear my smaller size pants to work. They were tight but it was pretty exciting that I could fit in them. I meant to bring my other pants to repair them at work, but guess what they stayed at home too!

Why do I bring all of this up? Because for about 5 minutes this morning I wanted to get upset. I felt worn out from lack of sleep and extra tasks I’ve been doing at home each day. Then one of my fellow employees lifted my spirits by thanking me again for our talk we had the day before. She said I helped her out a lot and made her feel much better. She was much calmer today and felt great about the situations we had discussed. That right their lifted my spirits too and helped me feel better. All the things that had made me upset before just melted away.  My bad day turned immediately into a good day.

I hope that if you are having a bad day today and are reading this that you can find your happy moment too. Take time to have that extra cup of great tasting coffee or step outside to enjoy the sunshine. Or talk to someone who makes you laugh and relax.

Here’s to a Happy Tuesday!

Before & after results, Piyo review

I am so excited about the progress I am making with the Piyo workout and diet! I really want to post my before pictures and some of my progress pictures, but I will wait until at least my 30 days are here. It is super exciting to feel proud of myself with how strong I am becoming. Piyo seemed so much harder on day 1 than it does at day 14 of the workouts. So far these are the workouts I have completed:

Align -The fundamentals: workout that takes you through the moves you will need to be prepared for the workouts. A slow tutorial to get you ready to move.

Define: Upper Body:A 20 minute rocking workout that will have you using the moves you just learned in Align. No weights needed because your learning to use your own weight to get in shape.

Define: Lower Body: Another awesome 20 minute workout that will use your own weight to help you sculpt and define your lower half.

Sweat: This title lives up to its name! Be ready to work hard but feel great after this 40 minute workout. I was sweating from the end of the warm up until the end. All muscle groups are used in this workout.

Core: If you want a new favorite workout for your abs this is the one. From standing core, pilates core, and some good old fashioned ab workouts this has it.

So, far just alternating these workouts has remained excited and fun. I must admit sometimes I have trouble staying focused if the same workouts are repeated in a program, but not with Piyo. I have seen a big difference in my strength and my abs are already toning up.

Be ready in two weeks for some awesome before and after photos! See the video below for a peek at what Piyo has to offer. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

For my full review, please visit my later post. PiYo Review and my 30 Day PiYo results