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Les Mills Pump Week 2 and 3
 Week 2 and 3

The days are flying by lately and I have to motivate myself daily to remember my workout routine. I unfortunately lost my workout space that I was using at work last year so I struggle to find time when I’m at home. But, I do strive to make it a priority to schedule in my own time. It may be 9 or 10pm and I may do two days worth of workouts on one day, but I try and make sure I take time for me.

Our son has been sick off and on since the beginning of the year. RSV, ear infections, and this past week he now has hand foot and mouth disease. He is so brave and strong though for just being a year old. I am amazed at how much they can deal with and still want to play and laugh. We have had lots of late night and early mornings, but they are all worth it. Dealing with these things I have definitely enjoyed taking 30 minutes to and hour for myself and working out. I am writing all of this to say that even when things get tough it feels EVEN more important to work on me and take time to get healthy. I feel like I can deal with the stress somewhat better and I am sticking to my diet and not turning to food for comfort.

Back to the workout review!  Week 2 and 3 of Les Mills Pump combine the same workouts as Week 1. The only new workout is:

Pump and Burn: This is a 35 minute workout that builds upon the basics and takes it at a faster pace workout. Also, it is filmed in a class workout setting which I really like. It helps to see the different camera angles for lifting and it makes it easier to use proper technique. It is broken down into 6 sections with a warm up and cool down. It focuses on Squats, Chest, Legs/Back, and Abs. This by far is my favorite workout. It pushes you to complete quite a few reps and has you sweating and feeling strong by the end. I must say my arms and abs felt stronger after this workout. The cool down and stretch is a great end to the workout. It goes through stretches for all the major muscle groups you’ve just used. Their is less time in between sections, but it leaves just enough time to change weights or get a drink of water.

(This preview picture is hilarious!)

Les Mills Pump Week 1 Review 
Week 1 Review
Restarting the Les Mills Pump program this week I feel much stronger about completing the workouts and I am able to enjoy knowing the moves and exercises already.  This program has days where you need to incorporate walking as part of your exercising, but I have decided to complete other workouts on those days. I am once again committing to the 90 Day schedule.
The following programs are included in the Week 1 schedule:
Pump Challenge: This is the introductory type workout that shows you proper technique for other workouts. The segments are broken down into 3-4 minute intervals and focus on certain muscle groups in each segment. The segments include: squats, chest and triceps, chest and back, lunges, and shoulders. Each segment talks about what weight size to choose and proper technique for holding the bar. I found that on the squats and lunges I had better technique and form not using weights for now and also a better workout too. Overall this disc is very helpful in setting up success for future workouts. The workout is 25 minutes long, but breaks are taken in between segments so actual length is closer to 20 minutes.
Flow: This workout is used to help you recover from the strength training days and is 20 minutes long. The workout consists of 4 segments: Sun salutation, warrior poses, and two segment of stretching including lotus, swan, cobbler, and side arm twists. I enjoyed this workout because it helps stretch out your sore muscles from the other days of workouts. Also, who doesn’t enjoy yoga!
Hard Core Abs: This workout includes 3 segments and is approximately 15 minutes long. The segments include crunches, leg extensions, planks, hovers with leg lifts, and side plank with crunches. This workout starts out slow, but by the end I was feeling these! I know I will be sore tomorrow!
For the 45 minute walking sections I did 30 minutes of TurboFire and Les Mills Combat. It fit into my schedule better and also I felt that these workouts were more intense I burned more calories.
Overall, I really enjoyed the first week of workouts and I like that I broke up the days with other workouts.

Les Mills Pump and 21 Day Fix Meal plans

Hello again! I am happy to be back posting. It has been a long couple months as far as taking care of our son and weaning, but I am ready to focus on myself.

I will restart Les Mills Pump Week 1 today and I am also doing the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. I decided to do a meal plan outside of Les Mills so I have a little more structure and easier planning now that I have more time in the morning.

Posts I will share this week:

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Stay Tuned!

Update 8/26/15- I will have my 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme reviews up at the beginning of next week, Thanks for checking out my blog!