Les Mills Pump Weeks 4 to 6
As I continue through Week 7 of this program I want to share a review of the one new workout that is added to the rotation of Les Mills Pump.  When I have finished the 90 day calendar I will post a full review combining my individual weeks and workouts. I will also post the 3 phase calendar and schedule.
Pump and Shred is introduced in Week 5 and is 45 minutes long. It is broken down into 8 sections with a warm up and cool down. It focuses on Squats, Chest, Legs/Back, Legs, Shoulders, and Abs. This is in the group class setting again, which I prefer over a closed studio set. It helps see the workouts from different perspectives and levels. They do have a modifier in this workout again. I did find myself following the modifier more the first time I did this workout, but later on I tried moves with weights. This workout continues to build upon the other workouts and use the rep effect more each move. The tracks are 4 to 6 minutes long for each section. I enjoyed this workout and it is a sweat fest for sure! So far, my favorite is still pump and burn.
Coming Next Week: I have been working on my posts for my 21 Day Fix Meal Plan review and I am excited to share my progress and recipes I am using. I hope to have that posted by Monday or Tuesday.