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21 Day Fix Review and Results

21 Day Fix Review Paleo Edition

My Review of 21 Day Fix is finally here. I did the 21 Day Fix Program from 8/24 to 9/7. During this time I also started my Paleo Food Challenge. For my meal plan I used the Paleo List I have provided before, with a few changes for the container categories. Before starting, I had been struggling with losing weight and gaining muscle. But, with my dietary changes and the workouts I have been able to see changes in both.

So, what does 21 Day Fix consist of? It includes 7 workouts, food containers, and an eating plan guide.
The workouts included are:

Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Cardio Fix
Dirty 30
Pilates Fix
Yoga Fix
All workouts are 30 minutes and have a nice variety of cardio, weight training, and active recovery days.
 I have completed 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix over the past year or so. But, I did not see any drastic changes. I think for me it was all about my diet. I was eating healthy, but not the right choices for my body. The Paleo changes I have made have helped me get closer to my goals.

The food containers are as follows:

Blue-Healthy Fats
Orange-Seeds and dressings

Below is the Paleo Food List adapted to 21 Day Fix Containers

21 Day Fix Paleo Food List

And here is the PDF version:  21 Day Fix Paleo Food List

 When you start the 21 Day Fix program, you calculate which bracket you need for your daily food containers. Here is the list and how much you get to eat each day. You do get a calculated calorie amount, but you don’t have to keep up with your calories. You just focus on eating your daily total of containers.
21 Day Fix Calories
The pictures below are my 3 week results and also my 2 week weigh in for the Paleo Food Challenge and measurements for both.

30 Paleo Food Challenge

8/24/15                          9/7/15
Waist -38″                      Waist: 36″
Chest-44″                       Chest-42″
Hips-44″                         Hips- 43″
Arms- L:13″ R”13″         Arms: L:12.5″ R:12″
Legs- L::22″ R:22″          Legs:L:20″ R:21″
Weight: 223                    Weight: 211
As you can see by the results, the changes I am making are finally working. I am excited to see where I go after this round. I hope this helps you see the importance of diet and exercise are both needed to make a change. Especially if you are stuck at a certain point or don’t know where to start. Also, a different view on what to eat. I have not been at this weight or lower in 5 years, so I am beyond excited with my personal results and it is keeping me motivated.

Below is a spreadsheet or printable sheet you can use to keep up with your daily container amounts.

21 Day Fix Container Tracker
Here is the PDF version and Excel Version for you to use.
Interested in checking out the full program and information? 
Check out my store link here: 21 Day Fix

As we move forward I will be posting a weekly eating plan I used and recipes. I hope this review is helpful for you. Just know that it is only 3 weeks. You can do this and make a change for yourself. I can help with any questions you have. If you are just starting on your journey take each day and week at a time. Don’t be afraid to modify any of the moves. You are still working hard and you will see changes. Don’t use the weights if it is too much, just keep going!!! I will keep you updated next week on my final 30 days of the Paleo Food Challenge.

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The Paleo Diet Food List

AIP Paleo Food Diet List

One of the things I have noticed about The Paleo Diet, is all the information out there! It can be overwhelming and just too much to take in at once. Hopefully, this overview will let you know what is involved in The Paleo Diet Plan.

When it comes to what choices you have on Paleo, it is actually quite a bit. The first thing I have learned is you have to stop thinking about typical foods you eat at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Instead think about what will be filling and nutritious at each meal. It will help your mindset and you can focus on planning tasty meals instead. Below is the foods allowed on the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Food Groups:
Meat and Seafood
Fats and Oils
Meats and Seafood (grass fed and fresh caught are best):
Game meats
Bacon and sausage (no additives, msg, nitrate and nitrite free)
Fresh caught seafood and fish

Vegetables                    Goitrogens
Artichokes                     Bok Choy
Asparagus                      Broccoli
Arugula                          Brussel Sprouts
Bamboo                         Cabbage
Beets                              Cauliflower
Celery                            Collard Greens
Chard                             Kale
Cucumbers                    Radishes
Endive                           Spinach
Green onions

Fruits                          Goitrogens
Apples                         Peaches
Apricot                        Pears
Banana                        Strawberries


Coconut manna, milk, and oil
Olive Oil, cold pressed
Palm Oil
Beef Tallow

Anise                           Curry
Basil                             Dill
Bay leaf                       Fennel
Black pepper               Garlic
Caraway                      Marjoram
Cardamom                  Mustard seed
Celery seed                 Oregano
Chives                         Parsley
Cilantro                       Rosemary
Cinnamon                   Saffron
Clove                           Tarragon
Coriander                    Thyme
Cumin                         Turmeric

Other Paleo groups or foods to avoid for Auto Immune Protocol:

Nuts( almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pine, pumpkin, sunflower, macadamia, walnut)

Eggplants, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers,
cayenne, tomatillo, and spices from peppers
Grass fed butter, ghee
Avocado, avocado oil (may be ok for you, bothers me)
Sweet potato (may be ok for you, bothers, me)

AIP Paleo Food list

Here is a one page copy of this list to help with grocery shopping. Paleo Food List

I am following more selective Paleo diet. This diet is considered an autoimmune protocol diet. Or for short the AIP Paleo Diet. Most, of the time it is recommended this diet is followed for 30 to 90 days. Then after that you try and add back in food groups that you are avoiding. The list above will be what I will try and add back in hopefully. I have also listed foods that are goitrogens. These are foods that suppress the thyroid and thyroid functions. These foods should be limited throughout the week. These are somewhat easier on your body if you cook them, because it helps to breakdown and turn off the goitrogens.

If you are starting this diet and/or the AIP version I have one main tip to remember. You may react to different foods than others. A lot of information found can be tailored to each persons journey. My list is even has some changes to what I can and cannot eat. The main list I have provided though is a starting point for you. I feel this reflects the majority of what I have read and seen on other lists.  I suggest keeping a food journal for at least 14 to 30 days. I discovered many of my issues that way. And also trust in the 30 day trial time. 

So far, these 2 weeks have been eye opening to me. The results alone make me want to make life changes. But, don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice a difference in the same amount of time. But, I think you will see changes in the 30 days. Also, their may be other options for vegetables and fruits just do your research if you add any other items to the list. Trust me white potatoes are not included, unfortunately!

Today is Day 16 of my eating plan. I did not give up eggs until Day 7 and tomatoes until Day 11. I also was still weaning myself off of coffee again so it was not out of my diet until Day 12. I started this plan just to try Paleo and then a week or so in found the Auto Immune list. So, that is why things have changed.

What is another important thing about this lifestyle change? Planning ahead! You do not want to be caught without a meal ready to eat because then it can lead to going outside your list of approved foods. 

I will share next week how much weight I have lost doing this diet and the 21 day fix program. It will be my 14 day results of the Paleo Diet with the changes listed above.