21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Calendar

I hope everyone had a great holiday this past week. Time is really flying by again and as we get closer to the new year starting I wanted to share my latest Hybrid Workout Calendar. I used this version throughout the month of November and I enjoyed using two of my favorite programs. This combines all 7 workouts of 21 Day fix with all of the Cize workouts in an easy to follow 1 month plan. I think this is a great way to switch things up and still enjoy two different types of workouts. Enjoy and as always feel free to comment below with what you think. I love feedback and any other Hybrid workouts you would like to see.

21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Workout Calendar

Click to view and print the Calendar:  PDF

If you haven’t checked out Cize yet, follow the link below to find out more information. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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