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Beef Lettuce Wraps

Happy New Year to everyone. As we kick off a new year, I think it is only right that I share a new recipe. I was in the mood for something easy for dinner tonight so I came up with this quick Lettuce wrap featuring ground beef and avocados.


21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Calendar

21 Day Fix and Cize Hybrid Calendar

I hope everyone had a great holiday this past week. Time is really flying by again and as we get closer to the new year starting I wanted to share my latest Hybrid Workout Calendar. I used this version throughout the month of November and I enjoyed using two of my favorite programs. (more…)

21 Day Fix Review and Results

21 Day Fix Review Paleo Edition

My Review of 21 Day Fix is finally here. I did the 21 Day Fix Program from 8/24 to 9/7. During this time I also started my Paleo Food Challenge. For my meal plan I used the Paleo List I have provided before, with a few changes for the container categories. Before starting, I had been struggling with losing weight and gaining muscle. But, with my dietary changes and the workouts I have been able to see changes in both.

So, what does 21 Day Fix consist of? It includes 7 workouts, food containers, and an eating plan guide.
The workouts included are:

Total Body Cardio Fix
Upper Fix
Lower Fix
Cardio Fix
Dirty 30
Pilates Fix
Yoga Fix
All workouts are 30 minutes and have a nice variety of cardio, weight training, and active recovery days.
 I have completed 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix over the past year or so. But, I did not see any drastic changes. I think for me it was all about my diet. I was eating healthy, but not the right choices for my body. The Paleo changes I have made have helped me get closer to my goals.

The food containers are as follows:

Blue-Healthy Fats
Orange-Seeds and dressings

Below is the Paleo Food List adapted to 21 Day Fix Containers

21 Day Fix Paleo Food List

And here is the PDF version:  21 Day Fix Paleo Food List

 When you start the 21 Day Fix program, you calculate which bracket you need for your daily food containers. Here is the list and how much you get to eat each day. You do get a calculated calorie amount, but you don’t have to keep up with your calories. You just focus on eating your daily total of containers.
21 Day Fix Calories
The pictures below are my 3 week results and also my 2 week weigh in for the Paleo Food Challenge and measurements for both.

30 Paleo Food Challenge

8/24/15                          9/7/15
Waist -38″                      Waist: 36″
Chest-44″                       Chest-42″
Hips-44″                         Hips- 43″
Arms- L:13″ R”13″         Arms: L:12.5″ R:12″
Legs- L::22″ R:22″          Legs:L:20″ R:21″
Weight: 223                    Weight: 211
As you can see by the results, the changes I am making are finally working. I am excited to see where I go after this round. I hope this helps you see the importance of diet and exercise are both needed to make a change. Especially if you are stuck at a certain point or don’t know where to start. Also, a different view on what to eat. I have not been at this weight or lower in 5 years, so I am beyond excited with my personal results and it is keeping me motivated.

Below is a spreadsheet or printable sheet you can use to keep up with your daily container amounts.

21 Day Fix Container Tracker
Here is the PDF version and Excel Version for you to use.
Interested in checking out the full program and information? 
Check out my store link here: 21 Day Fix

As we move forward I will be posting a weekly eating plan I used and recipes. I hope this review is helpful for you. Just know that it is only 3 weeks. You can do this and make a change for yourself. I can help with any questions you have. If you are just starting on your journey take each day and week at a time. Don’t be afraid to modify any of the moves. You are still working hard and you will see changes. Don’t use the weights if it is too much, just keep going!!! I will keep you updated next week on my final 30 days of the Paleo Food Challenge.

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30 Day Paleo Food Challenge

30 Day Paleo Food Challenge and 21 Day Fix eating plans and workouts

30 Day Paleo

Since my last post, I have decided to try the Paleo Diet after some more research and reading. I finally got scheduled for my thyroid scan and blood work for this coming Monday 8/31. But, while waiting to hear from my doctors office last week I was still feeling bad and my thyroid was still swollen. So, that has brought about my own personal 30 day Paleo eating challenge! I started on Monday 8/24 and I have already lost 4 pounds as of today. So, what does this mean for you? 

Tomorrow I will post about the Paleo eating plan and all guides will be up next week. And I will post my weight loss and measurements at the 14 and 30 day mark.

And I promise that my 21 Day Fix review will be up on 8/31. I keep adding information to my food plan sheets and I want it to be perfect for everyone to use.

See you tomorrow with more information and printouts!

Les Mills Pump and 21 Day Fix Meal plans

Hello again! I am happy to be back posting. It has been a long couple months as far as taking care of our son and weaning, but I am ready to focus on myself.

I will restart Les Mills Pump Week 1 today and I am also doing the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. I decided to do a meal plan outside of Les Mills so I have a little more structure and easier planning now that I have more time in the morning.

Posts I will share this week:

Les Mills Pump Review of Week 1
21 Day Fix information and a review of containers
21 Day Fix Weekly Meals and Recipes

Stay Tuned!

Update 8/26/15- I will have my 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme reviews up at the beginning of next week, Thanks for checking out my blog!