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60 Day Paleo Food Challenge – Results

60 Day Paleo Food Challenge Results

My 60 Days on the Paleo Diet ended yesterday. And I am still seeing results and changes towards my first goal weight. Here are the current results compared to the last 60 days. (more…)

Weekly Meal Planning Guides


Today’s post is learning how to meal plan for each week. For me, it is one of the most helpful things I have done for reaching my weight loss goals. I am not lost each day wondering what I am going to cook or eat for each meal. Or, tempted to just eat whatever is readily available. Although, since my diet change to AIP Paleo I am not as tempted to eat random things anymore. (more…)

30 Day Paleo Food Challenge – Results

30 Day Paleo

I finished my 30 Day Paleo Challenge on 9/21/15. I must say it was a very interesting 30 Days. I had times where I was sad I couldn’t eat whatever, but I did manage to stay strong on eating on most of the plan.
After my 2 week post I did struggle with not drinking coffee. I don’t know if it was because I gave up so many other things that I just couldn’t drop it. I am trying again this week to not drink any because I think it does slow down getting better with my thyroid issues. As of today I am 5 days out, so I think I am good now. I am drinking non-caffeinated herbal teas in the afternoon.

My final results were:

8/24/15                          9/7/15                                9/21/15
Waist -38″                      Waist: 36″                        Waist: 35.5”
Chest-44″                       Chest-42″                         Chest- 41.5”
Hips-44″                         Hips- 43″                         Hips – 43”
Arms- L:13″ R”13″         Arms: L:12.5″ R:12″      Arms: L:12.5″ R:12″
Legs- L::22″ R:22″          Legs:L:20″ R:21″           Legs:L:20″ R:21″
Weight: 223                    Weight: 211                     Weight: 210

My overall feeling on this plan is that it works. You have to stay strong though and focus on if you are feeling better not to give into cravings. Have snacks and meals with you if you are at work or outside of home. I am continuing this plan for the foreseeable future. I am going to continue working out and I am not going to add back any foods or food groups I removed. I plan on trying for the 90 day mark and see how I feel. Hopefully I can consider trying some of the items that were taken out of my diet plan. But, I am not any hurry to add them back in. I am just happy to be feeling well 75-80% of the day. It is eye opening what changing your diet can do.

As for my thyroid health, it is up and down each day. My lab results came back as “normal ranges”. But, I still have a goiter and nodules on each side. My doctor said I could try 25mcg of Levothyroxine for two months to see if it helps shrink the nodules and goiter. I asked for a brand called Tirosint, which is supposed to be free of additives. Some pills have milk and other additives in them which I need to avoid. I have been on it for about 10 days, but I cannot tell if it is making a big difference yet. My nodules and goiter change throughout the day still. Most mornings I am waking up and both sides of my thyroid are swollen. It is usually better after I wake up and take my Tirosint. So it may be helping. I will keep updating as things progress and I have a recheck with my Endocrinologist in November. I am just taking it a day at a time, and focusing on
not being stressed each day.

Stay tuned for sample menus and recipes from my Paleo Adventures!

The Paleo Diet Food List

AIP Paleo Food Diet List

One of the things I have noticed about The Paleo Diet, is all the information out there! It can be overwhelming and just too much to take in at once. Hopefully, this overview will let you know what is involved in The Paleo Diet Plan.

When it comes to what choices you have on Paleo, it is actually quite a bit. The first thing I have learned is you have to stop thinking about typical foods you eat at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. Instead think about what will be filling and nutritious at each meal. It will help your mindset and you can focus on planning tasty meals instead. Below is the foods allowed on the Paleo Diet.

Paleo Food Groups:
Meat and Seafood
Fats and Oils
Meats and Seafood (grass fed and fresh caught are best):
Game meats
Bacon and sausage (no additives, msg, nitrate and nitrite free)
Fresh caught seafood and fish

Vegetables                    Goitrogens
Artichokes                     Bok Choy
Asparagus                      Broccoli
Arugula                          Brussel Sprouts
Bamboo                         Cabbage
Beets                              Cauliflower
Celery                            Collard Greens
Chard                             Kale
Cucumbers                    Radishes
Endive                           Spinach
Green onions

Fruits                          Goitrogens
Apples                         Peaches
Apricot                        Pears
Banana                        Strawberries


Coconut manna, milk, and oil
Olive Oil, cold pressed
Palm Oil
Beef Tallow

Anise                           Curry
Basil                             Dill
Bay leaf                       Fennel
Black pepper               Garlic
Caraway                      Marjoram
Cardamom                  Mustard seed
Celery seed                 Oregano
Chives                         Parsley
Cilantro                       Rosemary
Cinnamon                   Saffron
Clove                           Tarragon
Coriander                    Thyme
Cumin                         Turmeric

Other Paleo groups or foods to avoid for Auto Immune Protocol:

Nuts( almond, cashew, hazelnut, pecan, pine, pumpkin, sunflower, macadamia, walnut)

Eggplants, nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, hot peppers,
cayenne, tomatillo, and spices from peppers
Grass fed butter, ghee
Avocado, avocado oil (may be ok for you, bothers me)
Sweet potato (may be ok for you, bothers, me)

AIP Paleo Food list

Here is a one page copy of this list to help with grocery shopping. Paleo Food List

I am following more selective Paleo diet. This diet is considered an autoimmune protocol diet. Or for short the AIP Paleo Diet. Most, of the time it is recommended this diet is followed for 30 to 90 days. Then after that you try and add back in food groups that you are avoiding. The list above will be what I will try and add back in hopefully. I have also listed foods that are goitrogens. These are foods that suppress the thyroid and thyroid functions. These foods should be limited throughout the week. These are somewhat easier on your body if you cook them, because it helps to breakdown and turn off the goitrogens.

If you are starting this diet and/or the AIP version I have one main tip to remember. You may react to different foods than others. A lot of information found can be tailored to each persons journey. My list is even has some changes to what I can and cannot eat. The main list I have provided though is a starting point for you. I feel this reflects the majority of what I have read and seen on other lists.  I suggest keeping a food journal for at least 14 to 30 days. I discovered many of my issues that way. And also trust in the 30 day trial time. 

So far, these 2 weeks have been eye opening to me. The results alone make me want to make life changes. But, don’t be discouraged if you don’t notice a difference in the same amount of time. But, I think you will see changes in the 30 days. Also, their may be other options for vegetables and fruits just do your research if you add any other items to the list. Trust me white potatoes are not included, unfortunately!

Today is Day 16 of my eating plan. I did not give up eggs until Day 7 and tomatoes until Day 11. I also was still weaning myself off of coffee again so it was not out of my diet until Day 12. I started this plan just to try Paleo and then a week or so in found the Auto Immune list. So, that is why things have changed.

What is another important thing about this lifestyle change? Planning ahead! You do not want to be caught without a meal ready to eat because then it can lead to going outside your list of approved foods. 

I will share next week how much weight I have lost doing this diet and the 21 day fix program. It will be my 14 day results of the Paleo Diet with the changes listed above.