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90 Day Paleo Food Challenge – Results

90 Day Paleo AIP Food Challenge

Time for another update, I am a week late on posting! Last Monday was my 90 weigh in and results day and I am still losing weight and inches.  I cannot say enough about pushing through each day and sticking with your meal plans as much as you can at this point. Below are my results from Day 1 to Day 90 (more…)

Weekly Meal Planning Guides


Today’s post is learning how to meal plan for each week. For me, it is one of the most helpful things I have done for reaching my weight loss goals. I am not lost each day wondering what I am going to cook or eat for each meal. Or, tempted to just eat whatever is readily available. Although, since my diet change to AIP Paleo I am not as tempted to eat random things anymore. (more…)


Hello fellow bloggers and blog readers. I have some updates since the end of  November and the beginning of December.  I started Les Mills Pump and it was going extremely well!! I was only 10 days in and I was seeing amazing results. But, I am still nursing and my supply dropped to nothing so I unfortunately had to stop for now. We have struggled quite a bit since our son was born with nursing so I don’t want to see my goals lost here so close to the end.

I returned to light workouts since I only have 35 days until I stop nursing. I really want to be in shape but I want to meet my goals of nursing our son even more. I am so close so until then I will post about other topics and I will return to Les Mills Pump at the end of January. It really is a great program for getting in shape and I think it will help me get to my first weight loss goals.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!