30 Day Paleo Food Challenge

30 Day Paleo Food Challenge and 21 Day Fix eating plans and workouts

30 Day Paleo

Since my last post, I have decided to try the Paleo Diet after some more research and reading. I finally got scheduled for my thyroid scan and blood work for this coming Monday 8/31. But, while waiting to hear from my doctors office last week I was still feeling bad and my thyroid was still swollen. So, that has brought about my own personal 30 day Paleo eating challenge! I started on Monday 8/24 and I have already lost 4 pounds as of today. So, what does this mean for you? 

Tomorrow I will post about the Paleo eating plan and all guides will be up next week. And I will post my weight loss and measurements at the 14 and 30 day mark.

And I promise that my 21 Day Fix review will be up on 8/31. I keep adding information to my food plan sheets and I want it to be perfect for everyone to use.

See you tomorrow with more information and printouts!

My story and journey, so far

My story and journey so far: Getting healthy and healing my thyroid

 My journey towards being healthy started 5 years ago. But, I have spent a lot of time over the past 5-6 months trying to figure out what was wrong with me even more. After weaning my son from breastfeeding I felt like my body was out of control. I have dealt with thyroid nodules and goiter starting in 2009. By 2011 after being on levothyroxine and having scans and various blood work done I was still feeling the same and gaining weight slowly each month. My mother made a suggestion that I try to eliminate soy from my diet. I thought it can’t hurt right?

After just ten days of the elimination diet I was feeling better and my goiter and nodules felt smaller. My endocrinologist check up proved that this was working and we made a plan to stick with soy excluded from my diet and no medication at that time.

The following symptoms disappeared or decreased with a no soy diet:

  • Thyroid nodules and goiter
  • flushing episodes during strenuous activity
  • Increased heart rate
  • Mood swings
  • Brain Fog
  • Painful menstrual cycles
  • Insomnia 

This worked pretty well for awhile. I did not deal with these issues, unless I strayed from my diet. My goiter and nodules were gone and things were pretty good. I still struggled with weight loss, but I was happier not having the above symptoms.

After being pregnant and then weaning things changed. I noticed in April that my goiter and nodules were back even with my soy free diet and fairly healthy exercise regimen. I was still hovering over the same weight range and I could tell I just didn’t feel well. The goiter and nodules would were decreasing and increasing in size throughout the day and causing pain and pressure on my throat. I decided to eliminate gluten from my diet.

I did notice a difference within a few days. I lost 4-5 pounds pretty quickly and I felt an overall body change. I did not feel bloated and my overall body did not feel as inflamed and irritated as it had. I decided that I must commit to 6 days a week on exercising. If I am doing a program with 7 days of workouts I double up on one day a week. I tried the gluten free diet for 3 months and then decided to eliminate other possible irritants from my diet. I am now soy, gluten, nut, and bean free. I am not dairy free yet, but it is mostly eliminated from my diet. I have seen an overall success in decreasing my current symptoms.

  • Fatigue
  • Cold Intolerance
  • Difficulty losing weight
  • Thyroid nodule and goiter
  • Muscle cramps and weakness
  • Irritability
  • Brain Fog
  • Decreased appetite
  • Hoarseness/trouble speaking loudly

As of this week, I was able to see my Endocrinologist after a three month waiting period. After my appointment she agrees that I could have auto immune issues with my thyroid. Hashimoto’s is the name of the auto immune thyroid issues. I will labs and tests done soon to help confirm and discuss further treatments. I am sharing my journey in this blog to help others that are lost on their health journey and possible thyroid issues. Unfortunately, some medical professionals are not aware or up to date on thyroid health. Hopefully they don’t mean to overlook our issues, or brush it off  that we probably aren’t eating and exercising properly. I know for myself  I was down to eating 400-500 calories a day because food seemed to trigger my problems even more. I had my family doctor and OB/GYN not really sure how to help me or guide me and said just exercise more and eat more vegetables. I look at those moments know and just think that was the only thing they knew to say to help me. I also knew they weren’t the right doctor to help in getting me healthier. Don’t ever give up if you know something is wrong and keep fighting for help.

I am waiting to have blood work and a thyroid ultrasound done soon. My Endocrinologist agrees that I should avoid my dietary food triggers and work on adding in more calories to make sure I am eating enough. I range around 1000-1200 calories lately and find it hard to eat that much some days. I would like to be closer to 1500 a day for optimal health and helping in weight loss. My doctor said sometimes if you eat below a certain amount you may shut off your metabolism and not lose weight.

I am excited to change my blog around to incorporate more recipes, tips, guides, and still fitness and mommy information. I am here to help others in this journey of health and wellness whether you have certain health issues or not. I am focused on getting better and sharing what I have learned along the way. I hope my journey and story can help someone else and let them know they are not alone.

I am still here! New posts next week


I am still here, although M.I.A. for awhile. Since my last post on here I had been struggling with some health issues. But, I will be back posting and sharing some of my personal story and still on the road to fit and healthy.
I am doing pretty well and it is nothing too scary on my health. I have actually struggled with my health since 2009. But,  my thyroid issues became worse in March/April of this year. I have come a long way and have a lot of new information to share that hopefully will help others.
Stay tuned next week for new posts, recipes, and many other new things.

Les Mills Pump Week 4 to 6


Les Mills Pump Weeks 4 to 6
As I continue through Week 7 of this program I want to share a review of the one new workout that is added to the rotation of Les Mills Pump.  When I have finished the 90 day calendar I will post a full review combining my individual weeks and workouts. I will also post the 3 phase calendar and schedule.
Pump and Shred is introduced in Week 5 and is 45 minutes long. It is broken down into 8 sections with a warm up and cool down. It focuses on Squats, Chest, Legs/Back, Legs, Shoulders, and Abs. This is in the group class setting again, which I prefer over a closed studio set. It helps see the workouts from different perspectives and levels. They do have a modifier in this workout again. I did find myself following the modifier more the first time I did this workout, but later on I tried moves with weights. This workout continues to build upon the other workouts and use the rep effect more each move. The tracks are 4 to 6 minutes long for each section. I enjoyed this workout and it is a sweat fest for sure! So far, my favorite is still pump and burn.
Coming Next Week: I have been working on my posts for my 21 Day Fix Meal Plan review and I am excited to share my progress and recipes I am using. I hope to have that posted by Monday or Tuesday.

Les Mills Pump Week 2 and 3

 Week 2 and 3

The days are flying by lately and I have to motivate myself daily to remember my workout routine. I unfortunately lost my workout space that I was using at work last year so I struggle to find time when I’m at home. But, I do strive to make it a priority to schedule in my own time. It may be 9 or 10pm and I may do two days worth of workouts on one day, but I try and make sure I take time for me.

Our son has been sick off and on since the beginning of the year. RSV, ear infections, and this past week he now has hand foot and mouth disease. He is so brave and strong though for just being a year old. I am amazed at how much they can deal with and still want to play and laugh. We have had lots of late night and early mornings, but they are all worth it. Dealing with these things I have definitely enjoyed taking 30 minutes to and hour for myself and working out. I am writing all of this to say that even when things get tough it feels EVEN more important to work on me and take time to get healthy. I feel like I can deal with the stress somewhat better and I am sticking to my diet and not turning to food for comfort.

Back to the workout review!  Week 2 and 3 of Les Mills Pump combine the same workouts as Week 1. The only new workout is:

Pump and Burn: This is a 35 minute workout that builds upon the basics and takes it at a faster pace workout. Also, it is filmed in a class workout setting which I really like. It helps to see the different camera angles for lifting and it makes it easier to use proper technique. It is broken down into 6 sections with a warm up and cool down. It focuses on Squats, Chest, Legs/Back, and Abs. This by far is my favorite workout. It pushes you to complete quite a few reps and has you sweating and feeling strong by the end. I must say my arms and abs felt stronger after this workout. The cool down and stretch is a great end to the workout. It goes through stretches for all the major muscle groups you’ve just used. Their is less time in between sections, but it leaves just enough time to change weights or get a drink of water.

(This preview picture is hilarious!)